Another Picture Quiz


At this time of year this blog traditionally degenerates into a series of fatuous picture quizzes, and this year is no different.  So, here is a quotation from one-time Leicestershire batsman and serial autobiographer Harold “Dickie” Bird:

“We planned to recommence the county game on the Monday morning. But when I woke up in my hotel room … and threw back the curtains I couldn’t believe my eyes.”

Most scholars now agree that this was the hotel Bird was staying in


and that this was the view from his window (admittedly at night)


To win the usual prize of a year’s free subscription to ‘the New Crimson Rambler’ simply answer the following questions:

a) In which town did these events take place?

b) What did “Dickie” see to put him off his cricket for the day?



5 thoughts on “Another Picture Quiz

      • Sorry to report that Derby 2nd XI have not played at Buxton for many years. However Saturday afternoon league cricket with Buxton CC still available. My researches (via Google Earth) suggest this is the third highest ground in England. Nearby Doveholes is the second highest but the highest is of course in Yorkshire at Queensbury CC !!


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