A Bit of a Blur

Some memorable happenings this month – the General Election, the Pietersen Fiasco VI (at least) – but, at the same time, eminently forgettable. What I’d like to remember (the memorandum) is the blossom, which had been as vivid and luxuriant as I can remember.  But how to record it?  Here are some photographs taken from the upper deck of the X3 bus to Leicester (on my way to watch the cricket, so not completely irrelevant).  The point, I suppose, where impressionism blurs into pure abstraction. Fleeting impressions of a fleeting thing.


May Blossom 2015

May blossom 2015

May 2015




A Happy Easter from the Vegetable Kingdom

A happy Easter to you all.

The animal kingdom is traditionally well represented in depictions of Easter (rabbits, chicks) as are flowers (the daffodil), but I feel our friends the vegetables get a bit of a raw deal.  So here, from a blog that usually celebrates locally sourced, seasonal sport is a selection of what may well be local sourced, seasonal Spring vegetables (in fact an “impressionist pond collage of vegetables”, borrowed from Tessa Traeger’s photography for Arabella Boxer’s ‘A visual feast : the year in food’).

So, Happy Easter again and bon appetit!