Grand Christmas Quiz 2016

Another year, another quiz.  I know you can’t wait to get started, so I won’t waste too much time on the preliminaries.  Two points are available for each answer, except where otherwise noted.  Answers to be revealed on 2nd January (probably).  First prize, as usual : a year’s subscription to the New Crimson Rambler.

This year I have broadened the scope a little, to include some questions about football, and, in a few cases, I have provided clues.

Q1  What do the following cricketers have in common?

a) A.C.D. Ingleby-McKenzie (Hampshire)

b) Dudley Owen-Thomas (Surrey)

c) Paul Franks (Nottinghamshire)

Q2  Who was the last Oxford Blue to appear in the top division of the Football League? (2 points for the player ; 1 if you don’t know the name, but can name the decade in which he first appeared.)

(The last that I know of – points will be awarded for any plausible later answer.)

Q3  This lady was the Mother of which future England cricket Captain?


Clue : her great-granddaughter is a well-known writer and art critic, and this is not her first appearance in this quiz.

Q4 The following is a description of a well-known cricketing personality’s debut as an entertainer :

He basically trotted out a stream of lewd jokes and foul language. Some people found it funny, but there were plenty who didn’t.” Friends described it as “One of the major disasters of his life” and were “relieved and grateful” when it was over.

But whose?

a) Fred Trueman’s stand-up comedy routine in a club in Stockton-on-Tees

b) Colin Milburn’s turn as a DJ in the Turner Suite at Wantage Road

c) Lionel Tennyson, addressing the Mothers’ Union

Q5 The case of “the Lustful Turk” was a notorious breach of promise action, featuring the Mother of which cricketing personality as the plaintiff?


Clue : he was later supposedly blackballed by the MCC for having described her as “a kind of genteel courtesan”.

Q6  The following is an excerpt from the autobiography of which Warwickshire cricketer?

Marijuana later crept into my life as an alternative to alcohol, which was starting to lose its appeal. Drinking alcohol on top of taking ecstasy allowed me to drink twice as much. Smoking marijuana was actually my attempt to rehabilitate myself.”

Clue : it is neither M.J.K. nor A.C. Smith.

Q7  Which English cricketer shared his name with a play by William Shakespeare? (2 points for the individual I am thinking of, but bonus points may be awarded for ingenious alternatives.)

Q8 The man in the hat was, for many years, Chief Scorer at Wantage Road, despite labouring under which handicap?


a) He gradually lost his sight, and had to have the play described to him

b) He was hopeless at maths, and always added the scores up wrongly

c) He was French

Q9  The urchin second from the left in the back row grew up to captain England at cricket, but who was he?


Q10  Which writer described which cricket tournament as being “widely and justifiably viewed as a civilisational nadir”?

a) Virginia Woolf, writing about the “Bodyline” tour

b) Clive James, about Kerry Packer’s WSC

c) Mihir S. Sharma, about the IPL

Q11  The Casuals XI of 1914 included two players of particular note :


a) (Front row, extreme left) captained Manchester City and England at football, won a Wimbledon doubles title, made a century at Lord’s, and once beat Charlie Chaplin at table-tennis using a butter knife.

b) (Back row, centre, in blazer) set a batting record that still stands, had a brand of whisky named after him, and was once accused of “Bolshevism” by Lord Harris for leading all of his side out at Lord’s from the same entrance. (He is shown here in close-up in a cartoon by Tom Webber.)


But who were they? (2 points each)

Q12  Alfred Stockwin, Northamptonshire’s groundsman at both the Racecourse and Wantage Road, once had occasion to pull a drayman down from his cart and give him “a good hiding”. But what had the man done to provoke this?

a) Watered the beer intended for the Pavilion

b) Suggested that Northants were not worthy of first-class status

c) Ridden his cart across the square

Q13  Three members of “the Establishment” on their way to see the Home Secretary. But who were they and what were they going to discuss? (1 point for each answer)


Q14  According to E.H.D. Sewell, the following were the nicknames of some then-prominent cricketers – but can you attach the right name to the right nickname? (1 point each)

Balmy ……………………………………… J.A. Bush (Gloucestershire)

Jungly ……………………………………….K.J. Key (Surrey)

Nutty ………………………………………. H.A. Gilbert (Worcestershire)

Fatty ……………………………………….. Father J.G. Grieg (Hampshire)

Frizzy ………………………………………. F. Martin (Kent)

Q15  Two cricketers, whose names will be forever linked – but who are they?  (1 point for the player on the right, 2 points for the other.)


Q16  True or false : the German writer W.G. Sebald was named after W.G. Grace, as a secret gesture of support for the Allied cause?

Q17  Which of the following has not, at some time, been the nickname of one of Market Harborough’s football teams?

a) The Huntsmen

b) The Cheesecakers

c) The Corsetmen

Q18  Who is the author of the hymn (no. 307 in “Hymns Ancient and Modern”, rev. ed.), whose first verse is as follows?

God, whose farm is all creation

take the gratitude we give;

take the finest of our harvest,

crops we grow that men may live.

Q19  The nine sons and three daughters of William Kingston, Headmaster of Abingdon House School :


How many of the nine sons represented Northamptonshire at cricket?

a) Three

b) Five

c) Eight

Q20 A fine player for Northamptonshire, a flat-mate of Colin Milburn, and a familiar figure at Wantage Road, who sadly died this year.  Who was he?



Happy quizzing, and a Merry Christmas to all my readers! 



9 thoughts on “Grand Christmas Quiz 2016

  1. HA HA I don’t know why i even attempt this as I know nothing it seems but as a few guesses
    2. CB Fry ?
    4 is actually a description of shane warned test debut
    6 Bob willis
    7 Alln Lambs Tale
    11 a is the wonderful Max Woosnam who also scored a 147 snooker break !
    13 they are going to see the Home Secretary about the D’olivera “ affair “ Gubby Allen, billy griffiths and jack cheetham ?
    15 Nash and Sobers



      • Thanks as always for your very addictive and inspired quiz. I must get my entry off before my partner confiscates my mobile phone for Christmas!

        1. All three are former winners of the Young Cricketer of the Year.

        2. H.A. (Tony) Pawson played for Charlton Athletic in 1951.

        3. W.G. Grace ?

        4. Fred Trueman


        6. Paul Smith

        7. Julius Ceaser

        8. The scorer gradually lost his sight.

        9. Alastair Cook ?

        10. Clive James

        11. Max Woosnam and Percy Fender

        12. The drayman drove across the wicket

        13. G.O. Allen, S.C. Griffith and F.R. Brown – the D’Oliveira affair.

        14. Frizzy Bush, Fatty Key, Barmy Gilbert, Nutty Martin and Jungly Greig.

        15. Garfield Sobers and Malcolm Nash.

        16. False.

        17. Must be the Cheesecakers

        18. John Arlott

        19. Eight

        20. Alan Hodgson.


  2. Some I know, some I have guessed and one answer contains unfair local knowledge:

    1 They were Young Cricketer of the Year but did not train on to play for England,

    3 Plum Warner

    4 Fred Trueman

    6 Paul Smith

    7 Julius Caesar

    16 False

    17 The Corsetmen

    18 John Arlott

    20 Alan Hodgson


  3. Thanks for the quiz! Here’s my attempt;
    1. Cricket Writer’s Club Winners\
    2. Chris Hollins (Charlton Athletic, 1980s)
    3. WG Grace
    4 (a)
    5 Neville Cardus
    6 Paul Smith
    7 Julius Caesar (clever suggestion, King, John (Lutterworth GS, Leicestershire & England)
    8. (c) Leo Bullimer
    9. Ray Illingworth
    10. (c)
    11. (a) Max Woosnam
    (b) PGH Fender
    12 (c)
    13 GOB Allen, SC Griffiths, FR Brown (about 1970 South African Tour)
    14. Barmy HA Gilbert
    Jungly JG Grieg
    Nutty F Martin
    Fatty KJ Key
    Frizzy JA Bush
    15 GS Sobers, MA Nash
    16 False
    17 The Huntsman
    18 John Arlott
    19 (c) eight
    20 Alan Hodgson


  4. Thanks to all of you for your answers. Two admirable attempts from Sean and Jonathan, and an entry from Tony Hutton which would, in most years, be a runaway winner with (according to my calculations) 35 points (2 points awarded for a late, correct, answer to Q9 via Twitter). But he is narrowly pipped by this year’s winner Richard Holdridge, with a frankly astonishing 37 points. Congratulations to him, and a Happy New Year to you all. The answers are:

    Q.1 They are three of the players who were elected Young Cricketer of the Year, but did not go on to play Test cricket. The others are “Tonker” Taylor, John Whitehouse, Andrew Kennedy, Ashley Metcalfe and (at the time of writing) Alex Lees and Tom Curran.

    Q.2 I was thinking of Peter Suddaby, who made his debut for Blackpool in 1970 (I was probably there), but Richard’s answer of Chris Hollins does appear to be correct – so full marks to him!

    Q.3 The lady is Ellen Rose Cadiz, the mother of Plum Warner. Marina Warner is Plum’s grand-daughter.

    Q.4 I’m afraid it was F.S.T.

    Q.5 She was the mother of Neville Cardus. (Cardus usually crops up somewhere in these quizzes, so he’s always worth a punt.)

    Q.6 Paul Smith, from his book “Wasted?”.

    Q.7 I was thinking of Julius Caesar. Bonus point to Richard for “King, John”.

    Q.8 c). Leo Bullimer was born in Stoke, but was of French extraction, and was originally named Leon Boullemier. He was also goalkeeper for the Cobblers, acted as manager to the cricket team and founded the Supporters’ Club.

    Q.9 The elusive urchin is Tony Lewis.

    Q.10 c) Mihir S. Sharma. Virginia Woolf’s views on the Bodyline controversy are, sadly, lost to history.

    Q.11 They are Max Woosnam and Percy Fender.

    Q.12 c) – he had ridden his cart across the square. Stockwin reported to the Committee that “he had quite enjoyed the scrap, but if that sort of thing was to occur regularly he thought it might be worth a small rise in pay”.

    Q.13 Gubby Allen, Billy Griffith and Freddie Brown, off to discuss the abortive 1970 tour of England.

    Q.14 Untangled, they are:

    Balmy H.A Gilbert (Worcestershire)
    Jungly Father J.G. Grieg (Hampshire)
    Nutty F. Martin (Kent
    Fatty K.J. Key (Surrey)
    Frizzy J.A. Bush (Gloucestershire)

    Q.15 Nash and Sobers.

    Q.16 False.

    Q.17 b) – The Cheescakers. Harborough Town (1875-82, 1891-1935, 1946-47) were “the Huntsmen” and Symingtons FC (1914-55, 1960-70) were “the Corsetmen”.

    Q.18 John Arlott. (I can’t say I’ve ever heard it sung.)

    Q.19 c) – eight. Frank Cecil Kingston (on ground) became “a professor of languages”.

    Q.20 Alan Hodgson (R.I.P.)


  5. Congratulations to both Richard Holdridge and the fiendish question setter. I was totally bemused by the Northants French scorer who very appropriately played for the Cobblers.
    Tony Hutton


  6. Thank you for getting the holiday off to a good start…I particularly enjoyed the ‘nickname’ question!
    FYI the Arlott hymn is sung every harvest at our church, it makes a pleasant change to “We plough the fields..” and the organist knows how to make his cricketing churchwarden happy!

    Happy New Year!


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