An Unimportant Match : Another Dialogue

Leicestershire v New Zealand, Grace Road, 5 June 2015

Totally Hypothetical Interlocutor (who we first met a few weeks ago in An Important Match) – Good match? As good as last week?

BW – It was OK. Not as good as last week, no.

THI – Only OK? Who was it playing?

BW – Leicestershire against New Zealand.

THI – A whole country against a small county?

BW – Well, it was really only the Leicestershire 2nd XI.  The first team had an important match yesterday and they’ve got another one tomorrow, so they rested most of them.  It wasn’t really an important match for them, you see.

THI – Do Leicestershire 2nd XI often play against whole countries?

BW – Well, they are playing Papua New Guinea and Afghanistan this season.

THI – Are they any good?

BW – Not as good as New Zealand, though they are sort of in the World Cup.

THI – Could Leicestershire 2nd XI play in the World Cup?

BW – No, you have to be a country to do that.

THI – Didn’t you say New Zealand scored 400 runs against England in one match?  They must have scored thousands against Leicestershire 2nd XI.

BW – No, they only got three hundred and sixty something.  That’s still quite a lot. But the score didn’t really matter.

THI – Well, were there many there? It hasn’t been on the TV, like it was last week.

BW – Quite good, for Leicestershire, though I think they were a bit disappointed.

Leics v NZ1

THI – Oh, why’s that? Didn’t Leicestershire win?

BW – No, but it’s more because McCullum was out in the first over and a lot of them really wanted to see him bat.

THI – *Thinks* … But I thought he played for New Zealand and when he was out for almost no runs last week against England that was the best bit and the crowd went mad.  Were they New Zealand supporters?

BW – No, they were mostly Leicestershire supporters, but they’ve seen him bat on the TV and he’s meant to be a very good player, and this wasn’t an important match, you see, so they wanted to watch him bat.

THI – Well, he doesn’t sound very good to me.

BW – Is that the time?  I rather fancy a beer, you know, these unimportant matches can make you quite thirsty …


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