As promised (or warned of) the first of some selections from the old blog, in the run up to the new season. This slight piece of facetiousness from May 2009 was almost the first thing I wrote about cricket and has, I think, been read more often than anything else I’ve written. The reason being, I think, that the original title suggested it might contain pictures of cricketers in their underwear. Which it does not.

May 2009 was shortly after an earlier Moores/KP fiasco and the Stanford incident. I doubt Andy Flower (“commands a respect that slight men with strawberry-blond hair who were once known as “Petals” are seldom afforded”) was very pleased with the piece and may well have had a few words with the ECB’s publicity department. Certainly, it’s hard to imagine anything like this appearing in the press later on during his imperium.

The Crimson Rambler

The ECB’s campaign to “sex up” the image of English cricket seems to be gathering momentum as this “Exciting Summer of Cricket” proceeds.  We have already seen one prominent campaign featuring Michael Vaughan in his long johns and another featuring Broad, Anderson and Cook stark naked (I can’t remember what the excuse for that one was).  Now, in today’s Observer, we find a curious kind of advertorial for Hugo Boss (an England partner) – based around the lifestyle journalist Adrian Deevoy observing the players getting fitted out with their uniform Boss suits.

On the cover we see  Strauss and KP doing up their ties (or perhaps taking them off).  Inside we have an advert for Boss featuring Flintoff (I think, though someone’s been at him with an airbrush), Anderson and Cook (like two brothers from a Godfather film), Pietersen again (looking relatively restrained) and on the end poor old…

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